Frankie Frankenstein is a queer artist, drag performer, stylist, and Native New Yorker. Born and bred in South Brooklyn, he is prone to pronounce “coffee” like “caw-fee,” or, “dog” like “dawg.”  Frankie received his BFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute in 2015, but more importantly he is a Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon, and a Scorpio Rising. Currently, he is the Artistic Director of Laruicci.  

Frankie Frankenstein’s work combines punk, pop art, and melodrama. True to his name, his design work plays with a variety of real and simulated textures.


From (& made of) parts unknown - it’s Angelica Frankenstein! Rated PG-13. A Schoolyard Urban Legend, Angelica’s your average ghoul just trying to have it all: international success, critical acclaim, and a legion of fans to do her bidding. Equal parts Pop and Rock star, she’s a Cartoon Punk inspired by the Golden Age of Universal Horror, 1980s slashers, and Adventure Time.

You can catch Angelica & her pals every third Wednesday for LET’S WATCH A MOVIE in the No Vacancy Theatre at The Well.